We help you to reach local or global markets and build website presence through quality,
targeted, meaningful content, mixed media formats and digital online applications.

Online Marketing, Promotion - IML Digital Media

Content & Marketing

We assess your current market position, desired objectives, targets, competition, timeline and devise the media and mechanics of implementing a new online plan

Create Online Presence - IML Digital Media

Design & Production

We craft and scope out a range of ideas and design applications for your online presence to help you succeed, through our diverse experience across multiple media formats

Online Statistical Performance Analysis - IML Digital Media

Online Management

We maintain your website presence to ensure it meets your growing needs, with content that remains relevant to engage and build your target audience and customers

We focus on helping your business grow in the online space and will flexibly craft our services to meet your needs - from concept to completion.
We create, design, produce, promote and manage.

How We Can Help You

Problems – Solutions - Benefits

Problems: We first scope out your business goals and objectives together with you, then your available resources to achieve these. We detail your business strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats (SWOT). Then work on strategies to overcome problems and achieve your desired results.

Solutions: This straight-forward approach requires collaboration. We identify sources and engage collective skillsets to address your specific needs. And deliver well defined solutions that contribute to a positive user experience and outcome.

Benefits: Our diverse experience provides a spectrum of resources, creative solutions and applications. These may range from a simple scrolling Landing Page to a complex informative site.

State-of-the-art training videos, augmented, virtual or mixed reality segments offer immersive demonstrations.

Our broad knowledge of mixed media gives you added value benefits.

Through our business relationships with University R&D departments we can provide Artificial Intelligence systems, integrated Motion and Facial Capture, data resolving for complex, expressive body movement, character and environmental animation and leading Parkour stuntmen, for extreme performances. Indoor and outdoor aerial capture with hi-res drone control systems, adds another point of difference.

As Web 2.0 evolves, training, product demonstrations, video blogs, podcasts and webinars are becoming a vital component of business communications. We can help you.

Our Stonerunner Film Teaser: Parkour and Deakin Motion Capture Lab Team

Our Point of Difference

Media and Distribution


Why are we so different? Probably because we have a long and experienced 'hands-on' global history in media, entertainment and business communications and thereby offer a broader understanding of your wants and needs and the means to achieve them.

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To see our scope and history of experience view OUR STORY here


Continual investment in training, together with an installed base of wide ranging technology and applications over four decades


We create, produce and deliver customer solutions with strategies, tactics and content in both traditional and online media


To grow your business for success in the Smart Society, we reach out to engage the best digital marketing and technical resources

Our Business Overview

Our business activities span a variety of media and content platform applications. For example: we annually travel to Cannes and Santa Monica Film Markets. We yearly evaluate over 1,500 films and documentaries in all genres from around the world and buy a diverse range for distribution.

We also commission quality storytellers and artists to create Intellectual Properties (IP) for film, television and online delivery. We’ve partnered with Google, YouTube and other digital platforms to deliver video-on-demand content. We create, design and produce all advertising and marketing material to promote our products and businesses in traditional and online channels to support each area.
Here are some of them below.


accent film entertainment​

Acquires, distributes, promotes, screens and sells over 500 films in traditional and online media formats ​​​

Accent Media Group

accent media group

Creates and produces quality IP content for global cinema, television, transmedia and online platforms​​​

Accent Film Entertainment - IML Digital Media

accent films vod platform

accent films YouTube movie channel is dedicated to realizing the visions of independent filmmakers​​​

MyFlix EBAY Accent Films Online Store - IML Digital Media

MyFlix (eBAY Store)

Retails diverse, original, challenging films and documentaries for all tastes - eclectic, iconic, exceptional and widespread​

IML Digital Media – Your Online Business Partner

IML Digital Media

Business Communications - create and fulfil mixed media content for application to all delivery platforms​

ME-My Emporium Website - IML DIGITAL MEDIA


An ecomm marketplace created to form a bridge between artisans, designers, commerce and customers​

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Here's What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

IML send many feisty clients - I mean - guests my way. Naturally they all stay at my cool castle in the Transylvanian Alps and love it so much, they never leave. So come - join us here - you'll be in bloody good company.
Nosferatu - Thirsty Work
Culinary Taster & Host
Oh yeah! IML measures risk exceptionally well. They always put me at great risk ahead of themselves. I had to get used to living life on the edge thanks to them . . . but I'm having a ball now.
Baron Munchausen - Cannonball Ride
Baron Munchausen
Global Risk Assessor
Peter Lorre and I - well all of us really, were suffering from years of total neglect. Some of us fell to rack and ruin. I was a just a faceless identity. Then IML came along and completely restored our integrity.
Fritz Lang's M - Restored Images
Mugsie Grimsley
Facial Recognition Expert
I was finally released from my cell - well actually - celluloid. I was in a dark place until IML entered the scene. They served me up on a silver platter - erm - D.V.D. - so everyone could see what a S.O.B. I am.
Mark CHOPPER Read - Eric Banner
Chopper Read
Health & Safety Advisor
We were totally Lost and confounded until IML came to our rescue. Our World is such a better place now they have restored it. There's just this small problem with dinosaurs though. They do eat a lot!​
The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Team World
Yeah. Umm - sorry about the head-gear - can't be too careful these days! But yeah - you guys did a nice job of exposing me. Really nice!! An' yeah - like there really is conspiracy all around us. Great job.​
Conspiracy - Discreet Mask
Name Withheld
Conspirator - Theorist

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